About CottonAge

CottonAge was established in 2019 as the premium brand of Sunturex.

We are an Australian based company specialising in affordable quality Turkish home textiles. With 25 years of textile production experience within the team we quickly realised that we could offer something unique that few can in the industry and that’s to connect directly with people as a producer. When we realised this we immediately went to work coming up with designs and developing products.

All of our collections have been designed locally here before collaborating with our team of master weavers in our facilities in Buldan, Turkey. We maintain the philosophy of being proud with both of our roots in Australia and In Turkey.

We produce our yarn from qualified cotton species that we carefully cultivate in the fields under our management.

Ultimately this all culminates into a combination that allows us to maintain our key principles of customer satisfaction.

  • A non-compromise on product quality, assuring only the best products
  • A producer to consumer relationship, meaning no middleman and no inflated prices
  • Environmental consciousness. Year by year we take steps to improve our sustainability in packaging and transport removing as many frills as possible to have better products for a better tomorrow
  • Customer satisfaction in mind. Though we are certain you’ll like our products some-times things just don’t quite work out. If for whatever reason you change your mind or are unsatisfied, contact us. If it is in a saleable condition we’ll provide you a full refund
  • Efficient and reliable shipping. All items are shipped within one business day Monday through Friday and SHIPPING FREE for all orders!